Editors’ Foreword

Editors’ Foreword

At the start of 2017, it was the pleasure of the Editors to send out the call for papers for what we think is a valuable new platform to talk about all things to do with debates, and about debaters. The call for papers stated:

“International Debate is a new practitioner’s journal for members of the international debating community. We publish both opinion pieces and scholarly articles, on issues of relevance to debaters, coaches, and judges at the schools and university levels. We are particularly interested in the relationship between competitive debating and wider society, especially in so far as they relate to civic education and public culture. We welcome submissions from members of all debating communities, regardless of the format they debate in. Scholarly articles may be from any discipline or may be multi-disciplinary or inter-disciplinary in nature. We encourage all contributors.”

We were delighted with the response that we had. Some contributors were eager to begin writing immediately; others offered to write in the future; many others were keen to suggest avenues that we could explore; all were enthused to be part of a community that vigorously invests in scholarly writing as a complement to the vigorous speech-making that is part and parcel of debating. This inaugural edition is a humble start to encouraging robust scholarship about global debating.

We thank everyone for their patience and trust and we are delighted to launch this first e-edition of International Debate.

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Founding Editors of International Debate

Chua Jun Yan

Geetha Creffield

Chong Ee Hsiun