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The Different Meanings of Debate

by Gareth Lim

Debating has meant many things to me over the years. My journey as a debater has had many ups and downs, but despite the countless weekends I have lost, I have never once regretted being a debater, because to deny debating would be to deny the very person that I am today.

The Role of Debate in Rwanda

by Nikitah Gaju

The communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills debate teaches are valuable to young people who are at the forefront of development. By opening doors to more training and competition grounds for Rwandan debaters, we hope to foster the talents needed to drive progress in Rwanda.

Arbitrary Debate: Assessing the Reliability of Debate Judges

by R. Eric Barnes & Christopher Doak

Our focus in this paper is on these questions: 1) How reliable are judges’ assignment of team points? 2) How reliable are judges’ assignment of speaker points? and, 3) How reliable are judges’ initial calls about a debate, before the deliberation begins?