Editorsʼ Foreword to the 2019 Edition

In the fall of 2017, we launched the International Debate Magazine as a platform to collect and curate various perspectives about our global debating community from practitioners and participants around the world. We were pleased with the response we received, and happy to see that many found value in the articles submitted to that edition.

This year, we are relaunching the platform with a slightly different take. We are privileged to be able to present an academic paper by Mr. Christopher Doak and Prof. Eric Barnes, who have conducted an in-depth and rigorous analysis of the reliability of debate adjudicators at various levels (a subject which many of us have thought about but have never had conclusive answers).

Apart from that, this edition will present articles written by young school debaters from various countries, in which the authors reflect on the value of debate to them personally, as well as the debate scenes in their countries. We hope that this unique perspective remains equally valuable to all, and welcome feedback on our new approach.

Our first three team articles are by Team India, Team Rwanda and Team Singapore.

We value all contributions from individuals and teams who are involved in debate. If you would like to submit an article for publication, please email teamsingaporedebate@gmail.com with your submission.

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